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We Proud for

15 Faculties out of 26 have obtained the degree of either M.Phill or Ph.D. and one of them a faculties of psychology is a recognized by Gujarat university. 4 students are reading for the degree of Ph.D. under his guidance and 6 have completed has dissertation and one of the faculties director of physical education has passed G.Slet With the other academic achievement.

The principal of the college Dr. J.R.Shukla has attended and has presented the paper in the international conference at U.S.A. in the current year.

No of students of the college have participated and have won the prizes in the various academic and extra curricular  programs and competitions.

About us

The Arts College was the first institution established by this mandal which started its working in the building of Vibhag High School and 140 students were admitted in the year 1958. The flow of donation did not stop. Following this development Dabhoi Commerce College came into existence in the year 1968-69 and the College of Education was established in the year 1970.